D.A.R.E Essay

6th grade has been in D.A.R.E for the past few weeks and we learned lots of things to not do when someone mentions drugs. First, D.A.R.E stands for Drugs, Abuse, Resistance and Education. In the D.A.R.E decision making model, D.A.R.E stands for Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. After you have learned what D.A.R.E stands for you understand the program a lot more!

Okay so lets say someone comes up to you and says “hey would you like a cigarette”? Think about what you’ve learned and say “NO”. If some ever asks you if you want a cigarette the best way to reject that is NO. You should always stay away or not go on any kind of drug product. You may think Cigarettes have only a few things in them, well that’s wrong. Cigarettes contain tobacco and tobacco contains poison and many other bad things. Okay so here is what smoking or tobacco products do or contain. Smoking can cause breathing problems, heart disease and it can cause bad lung cancer also upper respiratory problems.

Tobacco can affect body development because you body is still changing and growing and will can be a BIG affect if tobacco is in use during body development. Cigarettes also contain a substance called Nicotine- which is a substance that makes cigarettes very addictive. It’s also Illegal to sell tobacco products to people under the age of 18. It’s illegal to advertise drug products on TV. Never go on drugs because more than 400,000 people die each year because of drugs so JUST SAY NO.

There is another kind of drug product that changes peoples lives, Alcohol! Alcohol can slow down the body & Brain. Too much Alcohol can slow down the body  or can lead to a coma or death. Careful because Alcohol can damage every organ in the body.

Smoking marijuana causes breathing problems. Marijuana have more colds and upper respiratory problems. Marijuana affects your brain and body. Marijuana can be addictive. There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke. Marijuana users have an increased risk of cancer. Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more of some cancer causing chemical than tobacco smoke. Marijuana is illegal in the United States.

I Jared B. pledge to NEVER go on any kind of bad drug product, I will make very wise decisions and make one very very good choice. Tobacco, alcohol, other drugs are not good so I pledge to never ever go on them!


Camp Oty’ okwa

I was in group #1 with Dylan, Alan, Shala, Alex, Dawn, Belle, Tabitha, Seth, Micah and of course me! At first I was surprised to be in a group with these people because I didn’t know them much. But at the end of camp I thought they were going to be my friends through middle school and high school! But here is a question: If you had to go to camp for three whole days with someone you didn’t like since you met them, what would you do? I had a problem with someone in our group in the beginning, but towards the end I got to know him better and we became friends.

Group #1 then went to the Native and Pioneer activity, first we explored and seen what a Indian house was like and how it was built. Then a teacher named Lauren taught us how to make candles the old fashion way, wax and water. We had to dip the string in the wax for about 3 seconds then take it out then dip it in the water for about 10 seconds, we did this repeatedly until the candle was about as thick as your thumb. After candle- making we went into the woods and found boxes, opened them and found items about the Indians.

On Tuesday morning when we all at breakfast we went to morning classes Group #1 went to the orientation  activity. First we found out how to use a compass then we went out into the woods, got in groups and all the groups started at the starting point and we used out compasses to find our groups coloured info. cards. When all the groups found all there cards we hiked back to the barn and put the cards in order, then we talked about what the cards were.

After our morning activity, we went to lunch for a while then after lunch we did our evening activity. Group #1 did the stream study (not really) the water was too cold to go on the stream study so we stayed inside and did a water cycle activity. After that activity we went to split rocks where fat man’s squeeze is. But we weren’t aloud to go through fat man’s squeeze because the water in it is too high. I liked split rocks the best because of all the team work you had to use to get up the rocks or even under them. But split rocks was my absolute favorite place to visit at camp. After evening activities we headed back to our lodges we all got ready for bed and it was lights out!

The next morning we woke up had breakfast, then the groups we to their last morning activities. Our group went to the rock climbing wall to use team work. When we all used team work we helped pull everyone up the climb up the wall. I thought I might fall off the wall, but I knew I had team work and I wouldn’t fall.When I got to the top and rung the bell I was really happy that my team helped me up and didn’t let me fall. So next time my friends try to help me up a wall or steep object, I will know I can trust them.

I had a very fun time at Camp Oty’ Okwa! 🙂

Schools almost out!

School is just about out and I’m thinking everyone has plans over the Summer. Here are the things I will

do over the summer: Swim, Go fishing, Hunt, and a lot more! I will have some friends next door to go visit but some live a distance so I can’t visit those friends. But summer is your

season it’d the season with all the fun in it, so have a

s much fun as possible.

One last thing, I hope I get to go swimming most because I barley do!


6th Grade Camp

This week the school is taking the O.A.A, but next week 6th grade gets to go to Camp. 6th grade raised money by selling candy bars so each person could go to camp! I liked selling candy bars it was fun too, like getting to meet new people. I’m already done packing for camp, we need a lot of stuff but it’s all worth it! I hope students who get to 6th grade, have fun in camp because it’s a good way to celebrate before you go off to middle school or other schools.



The O.A.A (Ohio Achievement assessment) is rushing towards 6th grades rapidly and all of us are just wanting to get it done with. But the good side to this is getting to camp afterwards (can’t wait) but everyone who is reading this and takes the O.A.A hope you do good!

Test Strategies

These are a few of my test strategies….

1.Read the question

2. Write neatly for a good grade

3. Read over each passage carefully

4. Eliminate wrong multiple choice answers

5. Look for key words

6. Underline or highlight

7.Check over your test after you’re done.

These are my test strategies, I always use these strategies on a test.

Graded test scores

If Martha scored my test, I would probably get a low score because she is tired and mad. If Martha was in very bad mood and scored other students tests they would probably have low scores.I’m not sure if my test would be a good score after Martha graded it, but If she is in a good mood I would get a passing grade. But the main thing to do is make your hand writing good so Martha can read it.

I just hope she is in a very good mood when grading my test.